Indy dealer expo

Any one else attending?

Any one representing TT?

If so stop by the MTA booth and say Hi to Lumpy!





Didn't see this until today...We had a flight home yesterday. What did you think of the show this year?

I wish I would have went it is very close to me

I was there both Saturday and Sunday, mostly in the 100-4999 room.

I was there both Saturday and Sunday, mostly in the 100-4999 room.
Well what did you think of the show? It has been awhile since i had been but i enjoyed every bit of it!

Nice, Alright X Brand Goggles!! "its in the background"

I used to get to go all the time back when my mom worked for my cousin who owns Schampa all weather gear. i loved it there! soooo many babes!!!!:ride:

Finally back...stayed in the area and saw family I had not seen in years (RED BUD!) and did rider support for the SX.

As for the show it went really well. Attendance on both sides was down but it mostly kept the tire kickers away.

Wish I has seen you there Bryan! If you get a chance give me a call.

I was there again this year-I think this is 6 years in a row now. Definitely lower attendance but like you mentioned it just lessened the tire kickers. I am writing more business at the show than ever so its a lot more productive.

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