Is this normal

As I am trying to figure out why this thing will not start, while cranking it over I get blowby through the flywheel inpection hole. Kinda like what you feel at the exhaust. Me thinks this is not normal. Any ideas?

Alot of miles on it? Could very well be the rings. Have you checked the valves at all?

Yes it has low hours. Sat for a long while. I actually just got it running from being towed. Runs strong. No smoke. Stalls easy but that is no biggie. Did did did another compression test and got 60 PBS this time compared to 40 before it ran.

It's not blow-by, when the piston moves up-down it pumps the air in the crankcase same as it does inside the cylinder. That's why crankcase have breathers.

what were the valves set at , you said you were going to check them

remove the motor and ship it to Eddie

he will rip it donw and make up a parts list and laber cost for free

after that you can decide how much money and HP you would like

if I was guessing you need new rings and the vlaves need replaced --- if I owned this bike I would ship the motor to Eddie and for $3,500 have him turn it into a 50HP monster

Clean the carb.

you said it has been sat a long time fresh fuel new spark plug and give the carb a clean and check your carb floats too

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