Let me see some OLDER (pre-2001) modded XR 80/100s!!!

I wanna see some pics of modded pre-2001 XR 80/100s, the ones without shrouds. :ride: Too many newer ones on here, I'm Old School...thanks in advance. :ride:

mine isn't really OLD but oh well..It's lightly modded with a 15T front sprocket, UNI filter, 100 main jet, and holes drilled in airbox. These pics are kinda old i've added some changes..




Here is my 95' XR120


Thanks, guys. :ride: Let's see some more...:ride:


!978 XR-75 DG Racer.....vroom vroom !


Waht a nice old xr percyco!I'd have that in my living room too.Only thing I see missing is a JT Racing sticker!!

96 xr80


Wouldnt forget old JT Racing :ride:


Thats great I should have known.A great finish to a perfect bike!!

Man I love these bikes. I race vintage motocross but just beatin around on the 1982 xr80 I picked up for $75 is a lot of fun! And I'm 6' 260 lbs.

here is the competition for the XR back in the day 100_0282.jpg

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