visual ID'ing sss forks?

hey all

I may be going to look at 06 125. I reckon that about 1/2 the dirtbikes I see advertised on CL are incorrect year than advertised(01 advertised as an 05, see it all the time), so I wanna make sure it is an 06. I intend to check the VIN( 10th digit should be 6, correct?) and I also want to know I am getting the 06 forks. Are they not a larger diameter upper tube where they fit into the top triple? And do they have a recessed cap?



anyone? i looked on the fiche and they appear identical.

'05 forks appear externally identical to '06 and later sss forks. You only have to worry about the '05s, as '04 and earlier are clearly different.

From wat I know is the SSS is a darker gold color. Also the 06 got a new front fender and number plate.

thanks guys.

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