locked up kickstarter 04 yzf450

After 2hrs of ice riding, I was riding along in 4th an accidently clicked into 3rd then corrected it right back to 4th. The bike sputtered a bit thn stalled out. It seemed to be out of gas but the kickstarter was extremely hard to crank over. I am expecting the worst but hoping this may be some odd issue. Supposed to ride the ice again today. It was pretty sick. Can anyone help me out?



Check the cam timing and valve clearance to start with.

I forgot to mention that I had the top end including valves and timing chain done 2 summers ago. Also 1 other thing I forgot to mention was that on the day that thge bike broke down, I had been riding many long distance high speed wheelies. Could this have caused any problems. Should I just rip this bike down and figure it out? I don't have any expierience with the engine, especially the lower end, but I have the book and I'm not intimidated by it. At the same time, I dont want to mess the bike up anymore. I'm broke and will have trouble getting the money together for the parts nevermind the labor. One guy thought it was the lower end and quoted about $350 in parts plus $650 for labor. I have dumped to much $ into this bike and need to start becoming my own mechanic. what are your thoughts.



None of that changes anything, except that two years is a long time on a cam chain. And no, the wheelies aren't an issue.

Start with the cam timing and valve clearances, and work your way down until you find the problem.

Please tell me you adjusted the jetting???

Not sure what the the temp was when you were ice riding, but you should have richened(sp) up your jetting.

There was a guy up here that blew up his freshly rebuilt 426 after a long day of ice riding with no re-jet.

Temps were between 35 and 40. The bikes seemed to be running fine. My buddy has the exact same bike and had no problems. He actually rode another 2 hrs yesterday and had no probs. Ok so I guess I'm gonna tear into it. I don't have any special tools but I have the service manual and I feel that I am pretty handy. Is this something that I can attempt myself even if it means going to the lower end. I guess I would be willing to buy or borrow whatever tools I need. Thanks, I appriciate any imput/advice. The shop wants $1000 if it is the lower end. They said about $350 for parts. I am tight for cash as I am a selfemployed carpenter with very little work right now. I need to ride and want this bike fixed. I also wouldnt mind learning more about these bikes at the same time. Oh ya so to answer the question, no we didnt touch the jetting.

Like Grey said, 2 years is a long time on a cam chain...It's probably stretched and skipped a tooth, causing the bike to go out of time and bind the kick start...

Thanks, How do i fix this. i have the bike pretty well stripped down. Haven't got into the lower end yet. Need to get a fresh start for that. The kickstarter is still locked as of now.

Thanks. I am determined to get this bike running soon and catch some ice again.


Should the lobes on the exhaust cam be facing the same direction as the lobes on the intake cam? How do I check the timing? The chain seems to be slightly kincky. I just need a little guidance before I get out of control and go further than I may need to. Hope to continue after work today. Thanks

Ok thanks. So if the timing is the issue,then how do i get the kickstarter free?

If the kick start is locked regardless of the position of the engine, then it's an independent problem that probably relates to the gear train behind the clutch.

hey guys just wondering since were on the topic of camchains.. how many hours should u got on one?

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