handlebar setup/adjustment tips.

what is there to look/feel for? been researching bars etc and found that you can get all sorts of different setups, risers ect, basically looking for some advice or guidelines in setting up/purchasing bars to suit me . at the moment i've got pro taper on the bike no idea what series as i bought the bike second hand aslo noticed that the projection of the bars is on +1 whats the go with projection?

i know i've been thrashing this forum lately and it's been really helpfull, i've been riding for a fair few years now and only just starting to setup my bike to suit me hence all my thread about suspension setting etc which have been really helpful and made a world of difference in the feel of the bike.

so thanks again for all the help!




It's not easy to choose a handlebar if you don't try some different bends first.

It also depends on how tall are you and what type of riding you do.

In general you have to setup your bars in a way which you can ride comfortably both sitting and standing.

yeh its a bit of mucking around been messing with risers and different projection and it feel a bit better as for being comfortable in both positions, got a set of stock bars today to try out n see the difference.

thanks for the advice mate appreciate it.




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