2009 Blue Graphics

Hey guys,

I'm looking for some suggestions on a set of graphics that is majority blue. I'm not to fond of all the big name ( One Industries, Fact. Eff, Nstyle) graphics let alone the 200 dollar price tag. I'm not picky about what sponsors are on them I'm just looking for a decently priced set. I have found the " JAYCO" graphics from FLU designs ( 60 bucks) but it is proving difficult to get ordered. Any Ideas?

Pictures would be great if possible...Thanks

Pictures would be great if possible...Thanks

Check eBay

FLU graphics

Can be had for $69

Got these for my 08

I know the pic is of an 07


Ended up with the FLU JAYCO graphics. Fit very nice.


Was the dog apart of the graphics? JK. Where did you get them? How much? I like them.

Nope the pup came seperate:thumbsup:.

Got them online from worldwidemx.com

They are the team design graphics for 60 bucks. You get more than enough decals.

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