Made a pretty sweet eBay score

I ended up winning an auction and got a great deal (in my opinion).

I got a brand new in box, Boyesen "factory racing" clutch and ignition cover for $56 shipped. I know it's just bling but they do look cool, I had seen the clutch covers for about $85 and the ignition covers for about $70, I just could not justify spending that kind of money on parts that do not really do anything any better than the stocker.

The sweet part is that the money I used to buy was the proceeds from selling some old stuff I either had kicking around or stock parts I removed from my bile and replaced with aftermarket kit.

A while back I won a new in box Hinson clutch for $150, complete with backplate and rubber cushions. I got a new procircuit shorty 304 for $17, universal 1 1/8" upper triple clamp for $14, new tag bars for $23, carbon fiber frame guards for $15, diadora boots for $100, Thor procircuit pants for $45, Bell Moto-7 for $65. I love being patient and always on the lookout for deals, I have been buying parts all winter long, and selling my old (but still useable) parts and gear to recoup some cost.

Between buying and selling I have less than $2000 invested in my bike and all my gear.



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diadora, as in the soccer brand......

diadora, as in the soccer brand......

Yes, they make MX boots to, but I guess they are hard to get here in the US. I just happened to score them by luck, I am pretty sure I will not be seeing many other people wearing wearing them. They are made in Europe and seem to be top notch quality, they are comfortable so far, I will do a review as soon I am able to get them broken in and actualy use them...darn snow is cramping my style.

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