Removing front disk guard 2009?

Those of you that have done this, have you bought a new spacer or just popped out the one on the guard? Can you pop it out without breaking the guard? Tried a search on this, but no luck:banghead:

Get another spacer. My 2010 250 actually came with a wheel spacer with the spoke wrench and sparkplug wrench kit.

I just pressed the spacer out, no problem.

I just pressed the spacer out, no problem.

Me too, just used a big socket and a smaller one the size of the spacer and tapped it out.

good to know cause i just tried using my hands to pressit out and was too difficult, well at least to where i didnt wana break the gurad just in case...even though i probably wont use it ever again but hey mite as well keep it in usuable condition

Popped it out without breaking the guard.:ride: Thanks for the help!

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