H-cam vid... perspective!

So I just picked up my new Contour HD cam and while I'm very pleased with the results, I'm a little surprised as well. It seems that the same issue that I get with regular photo's also carries over to H-cam footage. That being, that viewers don't get a true perspective of the terrain or obstacles. Most of the stuff in my vids looks stupid easy, yet in truth it was much more difficult. Oh well, I guess for $250 you get what you get.... enjoy



You need to raise the camera angle a bit. Gets annoying staring at the front fender.

Good video. I have made a couple of off road videos with my ATV out in Colorado, but like you mentioned, the camera perspective onboard just doesn't capture the true challenges of the terrain. I'm not sure it's a $250 camera at fault, I just don't think that you can get the real perspective unless the camera is off the bike.

You need to raise the camera angle a bit. Gets annoying staring at the front fender.

Ya I know it, wish I would have known prior to the ride. This was all first time for me. My next set of vids will be better....

Nice videos can not wait to try out my helmet cam

You are right, it does make the trail look easy. Looks my honda could do it easily, Accord that is. keep um coming.

That ice looked fun... Almost lost it a couple times, great trails though. Where is that at?

In the 1st video it looked like you were aiming for the worst rockiest lines.

I agree it was pointed to low but it is a great picture none the less!!!

The pespective has nothing to do with the cost of the camera. You are never going to find a camera that properly conveys what you saw with your own eyes. Viewers must realize that helmet cameras never show accurately how rough a trail is, or the steepness of hills. Have you ever seen a picture of a scenic place that looks as good as being there? I don't think so!


You need to ride with someone infront of you to help show perspective.

It doesn't fix it but it sure helps.

Here's two videos from a race course we are working setting up for a race at the end of February.

In the first video I am going through the EnduroX solo.

In the second one I follow Ben through the EnduroX.

EZ through the EnduroX

Ben Hutchinson through the EnduroX

I always try to ride with someone in front of me when shooting video. :ride:

...and like others have said "Raise your camera angle" 2 clicks in the mount.

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