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Suspension..Do it

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If anybody is on the fence about getting their suspension worked on....DO IT:banana: (bear with me english wasnt my best subject in school)

I had my suspension redone by Precision Concepts. WoW !!!!!! what a difference it makes. The bike handles so much better on everything. My Confidence level went through the roof. Haveing riden my bike on stock suspension for the summer season last year. I wish i would of done this in the begining.

I'm 6'0 220lbs, rideing a 06 WR 450. I consider myself a novice and ride mostly desert single track.

This is what Precision Concepts set me up with.

Revaled forks and shock

.48 springs

5.8 rear spring

running 5wt fork oil

New seals, polishing stuff for the price of 700 bucks and would recommend them.

For the Newbie's out their like me. When I got my bike all I looked at was doing engine mod's to be like Ricky Bobby and go fast.:ride: Knowing what i know now, I would of done my suspension frist.

Yesterday's ride was great. I still have to get out and do all the clicker adjustments, I was just gald to get out and ride (DANG SNOW):ride:

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for your size you need suspension done. I was going to send mine out last week but with the 2'+ of snow we got I'm just going to wait til income tax refunds roll around and send it away then.

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