83' xr 200 fork upgrade...82 cr 480 front end,will it work???????

ok so here it is i ve heard numerous stories about the option to upgrade xr 200's front end. My dilemma is im on a tight budget(like almost everyone else) and i have found a 82 cr 480 front end(forks ,triple trees,brake lever/resivor ).the cr 480 setup is a good steal overall only costing about $125 minus the wheel i have also heard that many types of honda front ends will work for example, cr125.250,500.xr250,400, and only certain years will bolt on with minor modification. so my question is what is the best solution?will the cr 480 forks work, and if anyone has any info or can provide a list of make,model,year of honda front ends i can swap out w/stock xr susp. it would be GREATLY appreciated. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/images/smilies/notworthy.gif

Personally, I would leave it alone and just make it as good as you can stock.

i understand that stock works well i ve done 60 mile loops of tough single track and am able to past some modern bikes do to the size+ability but ive heard the swap is easy and makes a world of difference

I think the 82 cr480 was a drum brake up front. I wouldn't mess with it if that's the case.

As Yogi pointed out one of the advantages of upgrading the front forks is the disk brake. The CR forks of that vintage don't really have an advantafge over the stock forks for trail riding so without a disc there isn't a good reason to go thru the hassle of converting. And the XR front brake is a good one so if you don't operate in an area with lots of water a disc isn't an upgrade. Sounds a bit convoluted but the bottom line is the stock XR forks can be improved by getting the sag set correctly and tuning with oil viscosity and level. The RaceTech Gold valve Emulator makes a dramatic improvement that would be better than the CR forks.

Actually the bike is worth more later if left stock. It is old enough to be considered a post vintage racer. If you change the front end to a disc brake you ruin it for any vintage racer. Disc brakes are a big nono. I actually race my XR200 in Post Vintage and Modern events. I have 1987 suspension on my bike. Works internals in my shock and a Race Tech Emulator kit in my forks with Progressive suspension fork springs. I am competitive with that setup. My brakes work very good also.


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