Spark Plug Problem

My spark plug has rattled/unscrewed itself out of my bike twice now. It stays connected to the spark plug boot, but comes out of the head. The plug looks fine, and I'm just wondering what could be causing this and how to fix it. thanks in advance.

You're either running the wrong plug/thread size, or the threads in the head are about stripped out. The crush washer on the plug is probably shot too.

Probably both, partially stripped now and the wrong plug.

Its the right plug I know that. But what would the fix be if the head is stripped?

Either rethread yourself or have the shop do it. Not a horrible job.

Or shop around for a new head, you can find them pretty cheap for a 2 stroke.

I think it was the crush ring. I put a new plug in and it seems to be fine so far. thanks tho guys!

Tighten it down as hard as you can :ride:

new plug tightened as hard as I can and no luck. Im gonna take the head to my local shop and see what he can do. thanks all

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