Mike from Silicon Valley

Mike, I may know someone who can help you out. His name is Eli and he is the Service Manager at California BMW/Triumph. He rides a YZ400 and knows it back to front.

Drop in and tell him Mitch sent you.

Oh, one other guy that can also helps worked at Redwood City Yamaha a while ago but works at California BMW/Triumph also, his name is Jim and he is also a good friend of mine.

Drop in during lunch and talk to Eli and Jim and tell them I said hi


Isn't Eli your friend who used to live in Santa Clara? I've got a Yamaha mechanic lined up who does side work. I don't want to say which dealership he works at because they don't like their guys doing side work. That should save me quite a bit on the labor costs. I don't have any connections for getting Yamaha parts at a discount. Any ideas?


Hey Mike, the parts deal I may have to talk to you off line

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