01 Head Pipe Price

I hate to admit it, but i crashed. I know this bike is suposed to make me a better rider, but im still human and still make mistakes. Anyway, the headpipe twisted up and crinkled about 3 inches after the head. No big deal I thought. I priced a 2000 head pipe and it was about 100 bucks. I could live with that. I ordered from the dealer where I purchased the bike and he told me the same thing, about 100 bucks. But then he calls me the next day to tell me that Yamaha redesined the pipe, gave it a double wall near the cylender for more strength. I thought great, there fixing a known weak point seeing that i didnt crash that hard. Kind of slid out in the mud. But then he tells me that the pipes now cost 275.00. Is this true? Could this be the case, or is he B.S.ing me. Please help. I dont want to get riped.

Thanks Guys.

Tim, You Still Around? Whats up.

The '00 head pipe interferes with oil filter removal. The '01 head pipe is rerouted slightly to allow removal of the filter without loosening the head pipe bolts.

Im concerned with the price. A 175.00 increase in price for a diffrent bend? Sounds crazy to me. If the cost is that much more just to acess the filter, I'll be removing my new pipe for oil filter service

Gezzzzzzzzzz thats alot for a stock header, you can get the FMF power bomb header for


Is there a way to check these prices. Could you guys check your dealers. Is there someone on this site that owns a dealership?

I have been looking into this myself. Go back and read my entry on 11.21.00.

I was able to determine that:

1) The head pipe for 01 pricing is not avalable yet - my dealership just received the fish.

2) The 00 pipe is $125, plus the guard is another $30 bucks or so.

3) The MUFFLER part number is different for 00 verses 01 - there will be something slightly different about the 01 muffler. The important thing is that the termination position and sealing sizes are the same for the 00 and the 01 muffler. They seem to be - I took measurements on my bike and an 01 at the dealership and they seem identical, but have not decided to order the 01 without doubt - I guess I'll have to ask if the dealer will take it back if it does not fit.

My reasons for wanting an 01 pipe are 1) oil filter cover bolt access and, 2) the stocker has a guard - the aftermarket pipes do not. I'm not a wuss - I have three very young boys, 1 that rides with me and twins that will be within two years, so I'm thinking of their protection as well. If you've ever worked on bikes in your garage or drive with your younger ones wanting to "help and work on their bikke too", you know what I mean - they can get into stuff faster than Yamaha puts together bikes without bearing grease - so every bit of protection helps.

Anyway, I will have an 00 pipe for sale once I get an 01 to replace it. For what they cost the aftermarket pipes shoud have a guard, even if minimal.

I have not seen or heard about the increased wall thickness for the 01 pipe - I hope it is true.


Howzit everyone, I went to my dealer yesterday to price out the stock 01 head pipe. $350 for the pipe plus $25 for the shield!!

Has anyone tried the White Brothers High Boy Stainless Headpipe for 149.00.. What has been your replacement pipes.. For that kind of money, whats wrong with the aftermarket exaust systems? I thought they were suposed to be more $$$

Well don't buy a 2001' YZ426 headpipe...mine creased in half today at a local MX track! A kid on a KX80 ran into me and knocked me off my bike and the bike didnt fall hard at all and the pipe creased way too easy! I'm getting a White bros high boy stainless later this week!!! I know many others who have this pipe and love it cause it tucks up real good! Anyway all the rumors about the 01' headpipe are false it is not thick in fact it is WAY TOO THIN which caused it to bend easily! Anyway just my 2 cents...



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Dont ya just hate it when you suck up an 80 and it gets stuck in your airflilter


Having crushed 3 pipes already,2 aftermarket and the stocker,I'll be the 1st to say the pipes stick out way to far!!!

Looking forward,stand behind the rear wheel of a a KTM,HONDA,or SUZUKI 4 stroke and then look at the YZ/WR from the same angle and you'll see what I mean.

One dent happened when I stalled on a hillclimb and dumped it on its side.

For $275 that pipe had better be bombproof!!!

I cant seem to find anyone who makes a descent guard so I'm trying to fabricate a solid one.

Hey Kevin,

Sorry to hear of your "crash". I am still around. Have not been riding in a few weeks. I think what I would do is buy an aftermarket headpipe and then get some of that heat insulator pipe wrap stuff so you don't toast your pants and boots. I know it does not look that great, but sure beats a $275 bill. May possibly help the power a little also.........

hope things work out for ya.

I live in Canada .. the US dollar is pretty strong right now.. like it always wasn't .. :) compared to ours but.. anyways.. it might be worth while to buy it in Canada. I'll call tomorrow for a price.

I have 2 stock YZ headpipes for sale, both in perfect shape other than blueing. One was only used for 3 rides.

$90 for both or $50 for 1

email me: mcarpent@uu.net



I'll take you up on that deal!! I mailed you my info.

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