KTM Competition Silencer

Anyone use this? Is it worth it or should one just modify the end cap? BTW this is the KTM FMF silencer for about 300 bucks.

was there supossed to be a pic there? nothing is showing up..or is that a broad question.

i havent taken apart the fmf silencer, so i cant speak about what it is like inside, i know it is a quality piece alot of guys are happy with. i also know i like my ktm muffler, the can is good quality, the krizman sparky is great. if you are just talking about welding in a larger inner tube in the end cap, that may add a bit of power hit, but it is more noise than performance i think. i dont have dyno stats to support that but alot of guys in here feel the performace vs. volumn trade is not worth the money output for an aftermarket system and the time n labor to mod the end cap. volumn is becoming an ever popular issue with land use issues, noise polution and db checks on ds rides etc..

and its still pretty quiet with the inner restrictor removed and doesnt hurt any performance, worth keeping the stocker for 300 bucks

Thanks for the info. I modified the end cap of the stock exhaust and wow! what a difference. It has a nice tone and not load at all, and you can fell the power increase. Thanks again!

told you so :ride:

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