xr400 opinions.

I am debating picking up a xr400 for around our farm and running around town and possibly taking it to the state parks to ride with my buddies on their quads.

I know its only an air cooled 400. But how is the power on them and do they handle well for what they are? Would you owners recommend this bike? I have never ridden one and rarely see one out at our motocross track.

Thanks for you time.

Yes recommended :ride:! I love mine and I'm sure others will chime in here. Reliable fun with very little maintenance needing done. Just change the oil, clean the filter and ride :ride:

mine is a '96 with some newer plastics. Ton of power with a managable weight. great around town or ranch, but kills it on the trails too! not really a motocrosser if ur running it stock, but you could strip it down and dial the suspension for the track. this bike was the major precursor to all the new 450's. its a great all-around bike, mine is titled and plated. i have a smaller rear sprocket so my bike goes over 80mph on the highway! these bikes carry quite a following, as you will discover soon enough!


great bike, bullet proof with basic maintenance and flat out one of the best bikes ever made, actually any xr is pretty much awesome

A well rounded bike. Great bang for the buck. Can't beat it.

best deal in the dirt

Sound ideal for what you want and you WILL not be dissapointed:thumbsup:

They have good power throughout the RPM range, and they handle pretty well for their weight. Plus the suspension is adjustable for the kind of riding you are doing. They do just about everything really well. They are not race bikes so they will not keep up with a 450 at WOT, but you can have just as much fun, you can go much farther on a tank of gas, and you will spend much less time doing maintenance. You should definitely ride one or two different examples before you decide to buy one. Just ask around, riders are friendly, especially if you leave some collateral. :ride:

Excelent all around bike. Vary little matainence and can handle anything, but its defenitly not a motocross bike. For crusing around and use on the farm You would be hard pressed to find a better bike.

First post. Gidday.

I leave mine at a friends property. About once a month I go there, kick it four times, then ride off. I bought my stock, secondhand 1999 XR400 last year and all I've really done so far is change the oil and air filter. I had a mechanic adjust the clearances and I'm going to have them look at the front suspension next. I intend to look further into sorting this machine but there's no real need. I have never even attempted to check what the suspension is set at! I just jump on it and go.

I mainly ride in wooded, rocky, off-camber trails with reasonable hills and undulations. All I need is more experience, but we don't ride these things sedately. Every now and then I go off the trail and just putt around between the trees and over fallen debris. Going hard or just trolling, these bikes make the whole off road experience worthwhile.

Very reliable, cheap to buy and a great partner in the trails (tight and open). It's always the "Trusty" bike on any group and will not break the bank when you want to change something, plenty of upgrades availble too from different manufacturers and specialy sites, get one soon!

I ride an '03 XR250R and if I ever need more power the only bike I'd think about getting is an an XR400.

The thing about the XR250/400 is they are just so darn dependable. They might not be as fast as the newer CRF250/450X bikes, but in 10-20 years you know you'll still be riding it.

wow guys, thanks for proving me right! its definatly a great bike if u can only have one. or a great addition to your collection!

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