Turning KX85 into KX100?

Hi,I just got my son a 2003 KX85,and the bike is a little too short.I have almost nothing in this bike and the engine is making a noise when I roll it over(maybe crankshaft).I have not tried to start it because I don't want to do anymore damage.Basically,I'll restore the bike,but I would like to convert it to 100 specs.Mainly it needs to be the height of a KX100.What all will I have to change to make it a 100?

Forks,swing arm,triple tree,etc.?

Maybe I can swap the 85 stuff for 100 stuff/

Please help.


If your're looking for the size of a 100, you need the 100 swingarm and wheels. Some say you need the rear brake line but you don't.

For the engine, do a search, there's about 20 threads on this subject. Or just search my posts. I have alot regarding this subject. Search is easier than retyping all this stuff as well as getting input from other members.

Thanks Sappers

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