First ride up the S.Fork Walla Walla


Had an epic day of riding yesterday, blue skies, 50 deg. temps, perfect conditions. Was able to get to the airplane wreck, 2/3 up Burnt Cabin and 3/4 up the river trail. Still a fair amount of snow and you had to be on your toes on the ravine crossings as the snow was drifted in and sloped the same as the just had to have faith there was a trail 6" down.

There was a fair amount of blow down and we had to huck over six trees and go around that many more, even so managed 27 miles in about 4 hours, as ususal the little XR 200 came through like a champ. Invited a 28 year old on a KTM 125 that was totally trashed by the end of it all.....I know that wasn't exactly fair on my part but "old age and treachery..." Wish I could have gotten some pic's, but will do a better job next time. Boy it sure felt good to be back in the woods again! :ride:


Edited by Old School Jeff

Sounds like a good ride, and good conditions for a XR200.

Way to show that young 'un Jeff!


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