New TTR 230s ticking sounds. Valves?

We have two new 09 230s. Both have about 35 hours on them. Oil and filters changed twice and air filters once on both machines. We broke them in according to the book. Yesterday at the staging area after riding a few hours I noticed my engine "ticking". Began to wonder if it was a valve. Got on my son's bike and it was making the same sound. Could both bikes need valve adjustments at this point? Or is this just a sound I hadn't noticed before? I've never adjusted valves before. Is there a sticky w/pics to guide a newbie through the process?


Send me your email address and I'll send you the shop manual. vince

i think its normal mine does it to its not very loud and only when its idleing and my valve clearences are in spec

These engines do not use over head cams right?

Isn't there an adjuster on the top of the rocker arm right above the valve to adjust valve clearance?

yeah its just a single ohc 2 valves and the valve adjuster is on top of the rockers above the valves

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