Husky 07 610sm hiccup

I have an 07 Husky 610sm with a Leo Vince slip on, stock otherwise. I installed the JD jetting kit. It runs great except it hiccups from time to time when throttle is held steady at around 4600-4800 rpm, which it did before I installed the kit. Otherwise it runs great. I live in Mississippi around 500 ft above sea level. Two questions before I go back into the carb.

1. I used the #180 main jet which the instructions said to use for a "free flowing" exhaust. Would a slip on qualify as free flowing? Otherwise I am advised to use #178.

2. I used the blue needle, the richer of the two, for low altitude/cool temperature with the clip at 5th from top. I am assuming that I will play with the clip position to lean up the midrange. I have the mixture screw 2 turns out.

Is the "hiccup" the result of a too rich midrange? I wouldn't think it would be ignition in just that one place in the rpm range. If I knew for sure I wouldn't be asking the experts! Any advice will be appreciated!

better or worse as the motor gets hotter?

You may want to try the NGK iridium plug (CR8EIX) before making any jetting changes. The 4-5K rpm stutter at constant throttle that you described in very common on the SM/TE610. Riders have found the iridium plug typical cures this stutter or minimizes it enough to be negligible.

By the way, I have running the same exhaust setup with JD kit. My jetting is red needle (#5 notch), 180 main, 45 pilot, 2 turns out, 60 leak jet. In Fall or early Spring, I may run the blue needle if temps are cold enough.

Thanks for the reply. I am going to change to the red needle and see about getting a CR8EIX plug. I tried to buy one awhile back but the shop had no listing of that plug. btw How do you like your CR125? I have a 2001 WR125 which is a sweet bike except I can't seem to lean the midrange out. I had a 94 also. I have a nice 06 KTM SX125 but I swear the Husky steers better.

better or worse as the motor gets hotter?

Its been so cold I probably have not ridden it long enough to tell, but before I installed the jet kit it had the hiccup and it DID seem to do better after a long ride. One thing I left out was before the jet kit, it would not start unless I pulled the hot start button to start it cold (indicating it was too rich). I bought the bike used and the previous owner put a 185 main jet in which was way too rich. Also I forgot to say that the emissions stuff was removed before I got it. Thanks for your help! What do you think about going with the iridium plug?


95% of the JD combos I have worked on where happier with the Red needle. If I where setting it up I always start with the float level (and can't do that by computer) but from there it would be 42 pilot, red in #4 and a 180 main. AC pump would have a strong squirt for 1 second if your an off road guy, a little longer for DS

Thanks Dave! I wish I'd joined TT before I installed the jet kit, I might not have to go in again. It's pretty easy though - I love how you can take the whole airbox out so easily. And I thought my KTM 625 was easy to work on.....

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