No Throttle return cable, can this be a problem?

I was cleaning the carb and I noticed that the previous owner of my 2003 wr 250 had removed/lost the throttle return cable. I have owed this bike a couple of years and never notice before, can this cause a problem big enough to actually buy one and install it?

There is a possibility of the throttle sticking open. My feeling is that the manufacturers put the return cable on for a reason. If they were safe to ride without one then they wouldn't spend the money and add the weight to put them on, nor would any of the pros run one (simply to save a few ounces).

You need it for sure!!

this was recently discussed on DBW...

1, the fact that you havent noticed this in 2 yrs is scary to me ! as soon as i buy a bike , i am through it like a dose of salts to find out whats what , trust no one !

2, my throttle stuck open on full chat after jumping over the top of a sharp hill climb, i just dipped cluthc and laid it down. not in a cool fashion but in a "shit i am F%$£ed fashion ! lol.. so it happens so quick that i reckon most people wouldnt have time to react ! and also, most wouldnt react in time to hit the kill swithc neither, i know i it was lye it down quickly or gain speed and take out a tree !

3, i reckon itsa more useful for down hills and technical stuff where you can force it shut quicker if needed.

Believe me you need one. I have scars to prove it. Two of my KTM's developed the sticky throttle problem and it terrified me !

oh its scary all right !

Its a safety feature, some years ago no bikes had them. Today some riders take then off deliberately. IMHO replace it (probably time to replace both) for peace of mind. Remeber maunfacturers seldom do anything out of largess.

Just buy the assembly consisting of both cables, as the inner gets frayed rather soon at the 'elbow' where it enters the throttle housing. Better safe than sorry.

I've seen a guy take a full-throttle run through a fence.

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