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YZ250F as a trail bike, am I wasting my time?

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I picked up a barely used 2005 YZ250F cheap.

My friends and I do tight single track woods riding and a lot of bushwacking.

I don't have a lot in the bike yet, barkbusters and a rear sprocket.

The bike has no granny gear, the suspension is very stiff, it doesn't like to start when it is hot and it will never have the magic button.

Am I wasting my time trying to convert it to something that it was never designed to be?

I have put a 50 tooth rear sprocket on it and it is better, but I still stall it, I have a 52 on order we'll see if it will go on without a longer chain.

I found a set of FWW for $120.

The front suspension will have to be revalved.

It will never have the magic button.

I watch my friends KTM's start on the first kick everytime!!!

So, I know that I can sell it for what I payed for it.

Would I just be better off getting a used 200 CX-W or a 250XC-W w/ the button and spending a little on one of them?

I am starting to feel like I'm chasing something that can't be achieved.

Anyone else been down this road?

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I rode a 2003 yz250f for a couple of years. I rode alot of single track and thought it worked well....but I spent a good amount of time on the track as well. If you are are riding straight trails and not planning on riding mx tracks.....then I would definitely get a bike made to do just that. Especially the ktm wide ratios that you mentioned. You could spend the money modifying your yzf.....suspension, flywheel weight, sprockets, etc...or get the magic button (and hydraulic clutch)on a bike that is made to do what you want.

That magic button must be nice!!!:ride:...Hopefully I will have one on my next bike.

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Ahh, welcome to the wonderful world of 4 strokes..:ride:

You see some YZ250-Fs in the harescrambles around here. See more YZ250s though.

Bet your buddy's KTM is a 2 stroke. E-start on a 2T is a luxury, but far from a nesessity. They'll start first or second kick, hot or cold, even after a crash. Get either the 200 or 250 KTM 2 stroke, and your set.:ride:

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