Everyone with the 2010

What oil are you running in the motor and transmission?

Motul 300V Factory

Honda HP4 in the transmission and HP4M in the motor.


Dumonde YAP 400 in engine Dumonde LWHS racing oil in tranny

Same stuff I've used in all my CRF's since 2003, and all my 2 strokes back to 89, without any problems due to lubrication. BelRay. Thumper oil in the motor and 80wt Gearsaver in the tranny. It's not so much the brand you use, but the strict maintenance schedule you stick to, that is going to determine the best results.

Spectro Platinum SX4 for the motor and Spectro 4 Off-Road for the transmission.

rock oil racing 4 syn 15w50 in the engine, and motul factoryline 2t gear oil in the tranny

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