webcam 943-921 grind is this a good one?

have a chance to get a webcam grind 943-921 for my 06 crf450.just wondering what kind of power will this do for my bike.

Yeah dude that is the cam designed by Ron Hamp, aka the RHC187 cam. Now you get his other stuff (heads etc.) through Tuf racing I'm told but if you get the chance to try a full RHC motor...take it. I never tried the cam with everything else still stock but Ron recomends other motor work to go with the cam so that's how I run it. But yeah man, I finally have something I totally like again after basically retiring the CR500 for my CRF450R back in '03. Of course I'm more of a weekend warrior woods guy than a supercross star so that might make all the difference. All the low RPM rideability of the CRF but now I have a manic/insane feeling top RPM band again which kind of reminds me of the CR. I also got the RHC head port and polish and run a J&E 13.5:1 piston with a Thunder Alley exhaust, but no carb bore. It can be scary and kind of unmanageable if you ride it that way or you can drive it like a wuss too if you want. Perfect combo if I say so myself. I'd have to say I don't even know if I'm man enough to handle much more than what I have now.

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