Greasing swing arm bearings?

Just going over the bike before a big trip....

Thought I should at least grease the swing arm bearings. Things still feel tight, but I am wondering how big a job is it to pull them out and regrease?

Don't know if they have ever been done, and the bike has been ridden for 160 hrs.

On the other hand I'm getting closer to the point were I have to leave, so I don't want to mess anything up and not have a bike to ride. My plane tickets are booked, and the bike is being driven down the week before I leave, so if it isn't together and loaded in the trailer, it won't be there for me to ride when I arrive.

The bearings are needle bearings right?

Should I wait untill I get back? Don't want to take any chances right now....

Anything else I should know?

Bike is 06 KTM EXC no linkage!


It's not a bad job, you just need to get the swing arm bolt out, get the swingarm off, and grease them up.

But, with such a big trip coming up I'd probably leave it alone. If they haven't been done in 160 hours they are probably toast anyway, and if they need to be replaced you probably don't have enough time to get teh parts and get it done. Riding it one more time like that isn't going to make much difference.

We are riding for 8 days, doing somewhere between 1000-2000km.

Should I pull them out and at least have a look? Or am I risking not being able to get it together again.

Things feel pretty smooth.... I've had the shock and spring off and didn't notice anything play, binding or grinding when moving the swing arm.... I was specifically looking for any signs of wear while moving, and didn't notice any.

That being said, yes they could still be toast. I just don't want to do damage by riding 1500 km on shot bearings, or worse, not be able to finish the ride.

If it's never been done in 160 hours, you may end up having to replace some or all of the bearings, and you will find out why it is important to grease them. It is way easier and cheaper to grease them than it is to replace them.

If it was me I'd pull the swingarm off and just grease them for now then replace them after I get home. The grease will help hold them together for a while....

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