07 bottom end boost

I'm looking to inprove the bottom end pull on my 07 KX250F. I installed a FMF 4.1 with the megabomb header and a Wiseco 14-1 piston. The bike pulls longer and harder on top with these changes, but I recently put the stock exhaust back on, and the pull off the bottom is noticibly stronger with the stocker, but the topend is softer than with the FMF. I'm looking to get back the bottom end I lost without loosing my newfound topend. Is this possible with a 250f, or am I just dreaming here? I dont want to giveup the topend. Maybee I should just get better with fanning the clutch down low.

I would welcome any ideas,

Thanks, Jim.

Buy a 49 or 50 tooth sprocket instead.

id go 49 tooth renthal sproket. i bought it and made a world of a difference

just down shift and give er the berries! or buy a 450

270cc bigbore. or port the head. i just ported my head on my 09 and it pulls right of the bottom. i might big bore it next.

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