2008 yz450....motor blown?

Okay so, I was riding the other night and after about ten minutes of riding my bike shut off......looked down and noticed the oil drain plug had come off!!....unfortunately we were riding in the fields and couldnt smell anything until my bike cut off and came to a stop.......My friend then put oil in the bike and was able to get it started until it started smoking and shut off again.......

what are some signs to tell if the motor is blown?

will it have compression at all?

That happened to a riding buddy

Her changed the oil at the track and did not tighten the bolt enough and it fell out.

He did like 3 laps and it died, So he waited 5 min and it started--Did anothe couple of laps and it died again as he pulled up to the truck. i looked down and saw oil every where. Well he added 1 quart and it has run great ever since-UNBELIEVABLE

2006 YZ250F

If you put oil in it and it started running again but smokes now then you need rings for sure and probably more like a new cylinder and may need a new crank and rod. You wont know for sure until you tear it down.

Even if it shut off after it started smoking?

Even if it shut off after it started smoking?

If the bike was smoking then oil is getting past the rings its not going to fix itself.

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