Cam chain removal question

Is it possible to remove the cam chain without removing the front cam chain tensioner? I can get the chain of of the rear of the crank sprocket, but the front cam chain guide is holding the chain on there.


i doubt it, why would you want to do that anyway?

To replace it with a new, not worn out chain.

you have to take off the tensioner to get slack to get the chain off the cam gears and the crank gear.

Slack is not the problem. I can get the rear tensioner off, the cams are out, so slack is not a problem. I can't get the chain out from between the front cam chain and the front of the crank gear.

do you have the rotor and stator removed so you can access the crank gear? you proboly will have to play with it a little to get it out but i think you might have to remove the startor and rotor to access the crank gear so you can guide the chain off and around the crank gear. i just replaced mine and i had to do this on my wr426f. you have to have a rotor puller tool though to get the rotor of the crank.

Here is my progress. The chain is getting hung up on the front chain guide and the front of the sprocket. Can it be wedged out of there without damaging something or do I need to remove the front guide?


i wouldnt force anything too much. i think i had i little trouble getting mine off too. is there any wiggle room at all? i only had to loosen the other guide but from the picture it looks like you already did. i would try puttig the loose side back on the crank gear and then trying to get your problem side off first.

The chain comes off of the sprocket maybe half a tooth. I'll see what I can do with your suggestion.

Update: Just checked the clearance. There's no way that chain is coming off without removing the guide. Maybe it's only the 98's that have this issue. Looks like I'll be pulling the head.

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a simple solution would be to get a cam chain breaker.

Simple, but not cheap. I don't think the new one is designed to be broken when installed, unless I'm wrong which is quite possible.

a simple solution would be to get a cam chain breaker.

Now, I suppose that means that the new one will also need to be cut open to install it? What's your proposal for replacing the missing pin? Where will we get one? Stuff like that.

As it turns out, I did use the chain breaker idea. I cut a couple of pins off with a dremel and pulled the chain out. I then put the chain on by angling and cussing and pulling the rear tensioner out a little more that I feel comfortable with and I eventually got it to go on. Thanks to everyone for their input. I can start to put this thing back together now.

Best of all, I don't have to pull the head... For now.

Just for information you can get the chain of without removing the tensioner. Just did mine last night. Get it off the tensioner side as far as possible and then keeoing the 'left' side tight turn the crankshaft clockwise ..... a bit like when you take a bicycle chain on or off the sprocket by turning the wheel of crank. Worked a treat. No damage, it just forces the cam chain guide out of the way just enough to squeeze it out.


You dont need a cam chain breaker to remove the cam chain on any of the yzf's. If you going to install a new cam chain then you need to remove the tensioner. Once that is removed slowly feed the cam chain down towards the crank while pulling the slack out the bottom with your hand and as the chain gets longer it becomes flexible enough to clear the case and pulls right out.

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