YZ 426 spark arrestor?? Old one off new one on? HELP

I have an 01 yz 426 pretty much factory stock. I was told I need to get a spark arrestor if I want to ride in the woods and other places. I bought one. It's a Dr. D 2003. It has a little wire screen but other than that very similar to the old muffler tip. Problem is there are no instructions and I don't want to screw anything up. How do I get the old one off?? I assume the new one just slides in and rivots but there are no hole to rivot it. Do I need to drill them myself? Thanks for the help guys.


Come on guys. So one has to know what's up...

I'm pretty sure no one has a real clear idea what you're talking about.

If you have a 426 with the original muffler, and you bought an add-on sparky kit from DRD for an '03 YZ450 (neither of these things is very clear), it won't fit your 426 can.

Nevertheless, to install it (if that's the kind of kit you have), you drill the heads off the rivets holding the original muffler tip off and replace it with the new assembly using new rivets, or screws, if it's set up for them.

Sorry not meaning to confuse anyone. The model number is 2003. But it's for a 426. I will try drilling it. The package came with extra rivets and extra. Screws. I might try screwing it. Thanks

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