Cleaning Chain

I was told to spray brake cleaner on my chain to clean it up, is it ok to use. Also I noticed that the PJ1 chain oil lube that I use attracts dirt to stick on the chain. What type of oil should be used that is not so sticky.

I've never used that to clean chains but I use kerosene or WD40 with an old tooth brush. As far as chain lube goes, I have the same beef with the PJ1. A freind has an 03 WR250F and tells me that a lot of the guys on that site use the WD40 to lube their chains. His chain seems to stay clean but not too sure about it's lubricating abilities :).

Smoke :D

I use Simple Green to clean it and PJ1 Blue Lable for the lube and am happy with it. I have tried chain wax lube for O ring chains and the build up is terrible.

really if your lazy u need something sticky that will keep the chain lubed, but if like me and prolly loads of others, your anal about such things, I keep mine so clean that after cleaning it off with wd40 or engine oil its well lubed enough till the next clean.. if its not used for weeks at a time, put some heavy stuff on..

I assume your applying the lube the night before u ride, it stays on much better cos the solvent used to work in a spray can evapourates..

keeping the sprockets and chain clean means I have had chains and sprockets last years on all sorts of bikes.. (i avoid drop the clutch wheelies too, that helps :) )

I agree that the Chain Wax leaves a gross build-up. I do the Kerosene soak/brush and TriFlow for lube. Way less messy. I've still got that wax crap on my wheel, spokes and sprocket.

I agree withthe others, PJ1 is awfull. I used it on my R1 and it was nothing but a mess. O-ring chains do not need heavy lubing. I use WD-40 because of its water displacing properties to prevent rust. If I am not riding for a while I coat it with good ole 10W40. This is mostly to stop the plates rusting as any worthwhile lube on your chain is on the other side of the O-ring. Products like PJ1 in the dirt will do more harm than good by attracting dirt.

I would not use brake cleaner. I'm not sure about that one but a lot of solvents will deteriorate your O-rings. You would be better off with Simple Green.

I power wash at the car wash....after four or five rides I do a good cleaning with mineral spirits. I run the Sidewinder chain and sprockets ...the guy at Sidewinder highly recommended the use of mineral spirits to clean things up. It works great and upon close inspection no damage whatsover to the O-rings.

The guy at Sidewinder downplayed the use of WD40 on chains, of course he wanted to sell me their lube at $15/can.

My two cents!

I use castrol super clean 1/2 and 1/2 with water. Spray on, rinse off then WD-40. Don't get the castrol on aluminum for long... at all!


These guys have it right. For my O-ring chaing, I clean it off when I wash my bike using a rag or toothbrush and simple green (or soapy Dawn dish water) then dry it off as well as I can then spray with WD-40 to prevent rust and displace water. If the next ride isn't for a while I might spray some more WD-40 on the night before I go. When you don't put gunky greasy stuff on it there's not much to wash off. The magazine editors and lubricants manufacturers disagree with this technique, but they are trying to sell product. In ten years I've never had a chain failure, and my chains and sprockets seem to last fine, and I don't have a gunky greasy messy chain that attracts dust. I live in the desert.

If you ride in a lot of mud or don't use an O-ring chain, this may not be the best method.

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