clutch removal issue

i'm rebuilding my WR 426. i'm taking the clutch apart and am ready to take the clutch boss and housing off. the nut and washer are removed but the boss won't come off the splines. it moves about an eighth of an inch and then is stuck. what the heck?

Sounds like it may have a groove worn in it on the inside...maybe from the lip where the shaft is undercut to start the threads...does it rotate 1/8 inch or move in and out 1/8 inch? I assume by the "boss" you mean the hub (inner portion that's splined to the transmission input shaft. Silly question, but you have the plates off, correct?

This happens sometimes. The inner end of the splined bore in the boss extends beyond the inner ends of the main shaft splines, and can develop a ledge because of it. You can pull it it with any standard wheel puller designed to pull using three of the clutch spring bolts if necessary, but often all that's required is to give the main shaft an inward rap with a mallet or hammer handle to pop it over the ledge.

makes sense. It's very tight. i'll see what i can do.

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