2009 YZ450 Flywheel weights

I have searched the threads so please be patient with me. Who all makes the flywheel weight for the yamaha.

I know Yamaha of course, but I've seen references to Steahly and their website and hot links from this website come up with a web page error.

So, I want to know who the different vendors are and the best place to buy them.

I'm interested in a heavier weight due to the tight riding we do, I would like to minimize stalling as much as is possible.

Anyone using the after market acc pump cover with the adjustable leak jet? Would this help minimize stalling?



Would (the after market acc pump cover with the adjustable leak jet) help minimize stalling?


I have an 08 and I bought the GYT-R offroad FWW for my bike and I love it. It greatly reduced stalling on tight single track and it just tractors through tough root sections. Didn't notice anything missing from the top end either.

Thanks for the replies. This may explain why I haven't found anything on the web searches.


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