Rear Brake Reservior

Anyone know who makes an aluminum rear brake reservior? Mine keeps melting from the exhaust pipe. Never did it before last week. Haven't touched or changed anything. :) Don't know why it is doing it now.

I seem to recall Procircuit making one but they don't have it on their web site. I am going to fabricate a hanger to lower it away from the pipe but sould still like a stronger one.

Wouldn't it be easier to space your pipe in a bit ? :)

Mine hasn't melted yet, but i'm thinking about making a little aluminium heat shield. I'll head out to the garage later and check it out. I'll let you know what I come up with. :)

Dan, get some of the heat tape that is behind the number plate ( right side) and wrap it around the reservoir. It's a quick fix but it seems to work on my bike. WR Dave.

Dan, I had a look at my reservoir earlier tonight. It seems it wouldn't be too hard to fabricate a aluminium/stainless heat shield, but after reading WR Dave's reply, I thought of using the Hi-Temp' type exhaust wrap that drag cars etc use. If you just used it on the section of exhaust behind the reservoir, it should cut down the temp' enough to stop the meltdown. Hope this helps, Chris. :)

I just ordered a new stock brake reservior today. Pro Circuit makes aluminum ones but they only list them for Kawasakis, and they are $63!

Mine has lasted me 4 years and it only cost around $15 new. I'll just put that on the list of wear items like chain sliders, grips, etc.

I melted one last year also. Its a fairly common problem. The resivour is only like $12. Keep a spare around.

If it just started doing this. Check and make sure that the mounting tab hasn't been bent inward. Thats a common thing to have happen. Either by your foot or by a crash.

I like the idea of trying to space the pipe away from the frame with a few washers on the mount by your foot.

I was going to also say that Pro Circuit makes one from what I have heard. Ive never seen it myself though. Pick up tha phone and call them.

i could be wrong, but i thought i noticed that the new yz has a different rear master cylinder and no resovoir ! bit of an expensive fix to replace it, but will look smarter :)


On both my YZ and WR I just bent the mounting bracket out away from the bike about a 1/4 inch and slightly bent the outer guard to match. Have not had a melting problem since. I did notice that right side crashes tend to push on the outer guard eventually pushing the master cylinder into the exhaust pipe, and has become a routine maintenance check item.

Bonzai :)

The '03 WR450 has the reservior built into the master cylinder, a nice one piece job. Not sure if it will fit or not, but there is a guy in the "For Sale" section parting out a '03 WR450 and he has a rear master cylinder for sale. You might want to give that a try...

Dan I had the same problem, untill I put some termoshield tape around the pipe near the reservoar. Now everithing is ok after 5 months of abuse. try

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