Knee braces.

Looking at bying some knee braces but the good ones over here are about 1300 bucks so i figure i may be able to get a better deal somewhere in the U.S. and get them posted over here, any ideas ? :)

let me know if you find a deal, I'm in the market too.

I just got a pair from innovation sports. Had to buy them throught the "Training Room" in Maryland. They are expensive, but I found out that my insurance covered them as long as I had a perscription from my doctor. Make sure the perscription doesn't say they will be used for 'motorcross' or your insurance company is likely to tell you to just stop riding. Check out there website or their ad in motorcross action.

I got a pair of EVS RS-7's a few months back. I love them, they are comfortable, affordable. These are not CTi's, Astrix or DonJoy. But they are affordable and offer just as much protection as the others mention IMHO. I did the research and read anything and everything I could on comparison

Here is a write up I did and an EVS Link. IMO EVS offers a very affordable solution. Unless you are post op and or recoveruing from sever knee damage the EVS is a great buy bang for buck.

the Rs7 is 164 per leg the EVS web is 275 to 350 a leg

EVX-mx web site

EVS Rs-7 Ride Eval and Impression

Thanks for the help guy's, i will investigate all your info and make a choice from there, thankyou, :)

On the astericks....Be extremly careful in the fitting of these. My nephew went to a "Reputable" shop where a salesman fitted him with the wrong size braces. He promptly went out and jacked his knee up. Most damage done by poor fitting. I know 20 people who have the Asterick, and they are a superior product, just make sure you have them professionally fitted, and make sure they are comfortable.


"Live well...Ride free" :)

I wear C180's from Inovation Sports...Very Light, Very Comfortable.

Bonzai :)

Those EVS WEB'S look pretty good eh? :)

Yea they do, I can only vouch for the RS-7, if they are any indication I would say the webs are probably hands down the best brace for the buck to get on the top of the scale.

Customer service has been extremly helpful as well both times I called them.



Just do what I did...Over jump a step up by 20' and break your leg then once your healed have the doc get you a pair of CTi's :) Now, if there was a way to skip the broken leg part.....

Seriously they are NICE and well worth the $$$ I know they have saved my butt a few times. I just didn't want to take ANY chances with my knees.


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