2010 Problem (cam cover leak)

I'm in the middle of putting the new designed gasket on now. Should the super glue trick be done to hold it in place use silicone? I too cut the bridge on the gasket hope i didnt F it up:banghead:

As I recall looking at it, I don't think there's a way around cutting the bridge out, but it's been a while since I looked at one.

If it was me installing it on my bike, I would use it without any adhesives or sealers at all. Definitely not ordinary silicone.

Buddy of mine at the race this weekend told me his 2011 valve cover gasket leaked on him at the last race he was at which was last weekend. I know when he bought the bike but dont know how many Hrs. he has on it but cant be more than 25 hrs. He bought it back in Feburary.

Anyways he said it was leaking pretty bad and he was at the race and had to do something so he said he used some silicone and layed it on thick and hoped it would work. Said it made it through the both motos and didn't leak.

Said he had to get another gasket for it though.

Now ......My 2010 has 57 hrs on it now and I haven't had any problems with mine leaking.

As yall may know I just recently bought a New 2011 (bought it Sept 8th).

so I guess I will have to be watching the gasket on this one since some 2011's are doing it also.

I thought the new gasket Yamaha came out with was suppose to took care of this issue? Surly they redone the gaskets before the 11's went out wouldn't they?

Must not have if my friends 11 started leaking last week.

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