SuperMoto wheels on 02 YZ426 with stock brake line


How do you mount SM wheels on a 02 YZ426F with stock brake lines? I'm having thoughts because the brake line is routed "around" the front axle and I believe it won't be long enough to reach the caliper once it has been relocated due to the 280mm front disk.


Just loosen the clamps and move the lines. No problems on mine, and I had the same worries. When I mount the dirt wheels up I don't even move the line back, just leave it. It only moves an inch or so with the oversize rotor. Oh, and if you remove the inside pad you don't have to remove the rotor when removing or installing the wheel. It's a pain, but you have to do it.


Will try it soon :ride: But I always changed the SM/dirt wheels without removing the rotor. I've just pushed back the brake pads and that's it. Oh, that was with the other brake-line, not the OEM one...

Do you have a 320mm rotor? If it's 310 or smaller you shouldn't have a problem. It's the 320 diameter (and extra thickness) that causes heartache when changing wheels.

i slid the line down in the clamp....

thats on a 310:


and built a rig for my other one:


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