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Hello All,

Just got back from working a three weeks in the Georgia swamps. While I was gone my wife went to check on the bikes and they are in. What I need to know is this.

My wife has never really ridden, and I only know about down by the Pike, so where would be a good place to go to let her learn (FLAT and wide) that is near the Denver area. Also, does anyone know the five W's of the track at I-70 and C-470?? Looks like she could ride there and it isn't to far of a jaunt for a day of riding.

Any info on the Delta?

Thanks TT members.


I would NOT suggest the track you are talking about for a beginner of any type. Even on the easy side you run into traffic issues and I don't think it would be a good experience for a first ride. I would really try the tracks at either Berthoud, or Erie. I both cases you will have space and areas in which you can get away from the other people. Berthoud is more expensive and a little further from Denver, Erie is much closer and a little bit less expensive, but the tracks are better groomed at Berthoud IMHO.

How are the trails up there in Grand Lake?


I just am in the process of teaching my Gfriend to ride. We started out at Watkins and Berthoud tracks. Not actually on the track, we havn't gone there yet, but they both have some open areas. My Gfriend prefers the Watkins track because of a large, flat area on the East side of the property.


I agree with Race. The track you are referring to is Thunder Valley. Riding through the parking lot can be a challenge for a beginner with all of the large rocks. The beginning track is a small area and gets very congested on the weekends. As Race referred to, you may want to start on some Forest Service roads to get to know the bikes. Then if you want to go to a track try Berthoud or Erie. Another track, but on the east side of Denver, is Watkins. There are three loops there, beginner, intermediate and advanced. It may be closer depending on which way your driving down.

Great news on your bikes, enjoy! :)

Berthod would be a great choice if she is learning to ride. It has a small "trail" system behind the main track. It is flat and twisty. A good place to get your feet wet.

Went riding today on a two track and got the wife used to her bike. Thanks for the info.

The trails in Grand Lake won't be open for another week or longer, still got snow on the north slopes.

Call 970 887 4100 for info, and if they can't help you ask to leave a message for the LEO and I'll get back to you (after the weekend probably.)

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