YZ250F Ride, etc.

Went to Speedworld (AZ) today for the first time. What a fun track! They changed the track around a couple times during the day and kept it lightly watered, nice!

Anyway, I rode a friends YZ250F around an open pit area for a few minutes. It's brand new so I didn't get on it hard. It is extremely narrow and much lighter than my '98 YZ400F. It doesn't have the tractor style pull of a 400/426 but it has power, plenty for my 160lb frame! I could loft the front wheel with ease. I followed (or attempted to anyway) 2 guys on YZ250F's. They sound a lot like a 400/426. One of the guys was a local pro. This guy was railing on the 250F. I couldn't believe how fast he was going and how far he was flying. When he passed me I thought he was on a 426, then I saw that it was a 250F a few laps later (after he lapped me).

I'm sold!!

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