does anybody know what happened to works racing .com

I notice that sometimes web sites won't load for one reason or another. The BBR site is one. I have works racing bookmarked and have had trouble getting it to load at times. I have been considering having my head ported by works but have since decided to go with Replika Maschinen. Replika not only ports the head, but they offer a thermal barrier coating and a dry film lubricant coating. Will probably have this done towards the end of winter.

Tell us more about these guys. Where are they? Contacts? Website? Do they use NC machining? Prices?

I see you have found Replika's website. I have an email from them with some fantastic ultra closeup shots of their work. I was invited to contact their shop at 831-461-0806 and speak to Don Redmon. The shots they emailed to me are more detailed and show a much closer focused photo. Very impressive photo of a ported and thermally coated intake runner.

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