What brand of bearings - for WR400?


I am about to replace all the bearings on my bike ('98 WR400) and, after reading some posts on the forums i realised that some of the bearings don't fit certain bikes.

So I was wondering if any of you had issues installing them, and while we're at it, which brand do you reccomend? - All Balls, Pivot Works, Moose, etc.

Cheers :ride:

c'mon guys...help a "comrade" here...i need to get those bearings ASAP... :ride:

lol sorry I know im not helping but its hard to get a reply on this forum quick.... maybe just for wr400's?

I've had good luck with All Balls, but if you know the bearing dimensions (bearing numbers) you can save a lot of money buying them off ebay or from an industrial supply house. Koyo (All Balls uses these), NTN, VXB and SKF are a few good manufacturers.

I just did my swingarm and linkage on a 400 with pivot works. So far so good. I didn't mind paying a few extra bucks to get seals spacwrs etc... I would definately buy wheel bearings from a bearing supply company. Whistler Bearing is good.

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