2010 radiator low. kit

I was considering a Dr.D radiator lowering kit for a 2010 YZ 450... 2 questions- I know the bike is new to everyone but does this mod. make a noticable difference for a moderately fast vet rider? and second- how difficult is the install? I know it's just a bunch of brackets but how much more involved is it? I guess my basic question is how much of this is gimmick vs/ noticable difference. I don't care if the install is complicated if it's worth it. Lastly, can you still use a conventional rad. brace like Works Connec. etc.. in conjunction w/ the lowering kit? Thanks!

i dont know man but every time my bike gets close to the ground the rads bend. there alrdy so damn low not worth it to me. i even have the works connection braces had to repair them alrdy lol. im gonna make some braces out of ti at work soon and get them laser cut.

Not sure if this will help. I put the DRD rad lowering kit on my '07 WR450 and noticed a difference. The Unabiker rad guards mounted just fine with the lowering kit. I plan on adding the lowering kit to the YZ ('10).

i put the kit on my 05 crf450 and noticed a big diff. front emd became light and bounced more, had to dial up the rebound one click.

help planted feel in turns, took away top heavy feeling.

but on my 2010 yzf450, i was gonna get the kit, but decided the bike felt so balanced and perfect, great enough in the turns, i changed my mind and canceled the order. didnt want to take the chance of over lightening the front end.

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