Help, Installing new hot start cable

I'm installing a new hot start cable on my 04' YZ450F since my old one snapped on the first ride of the season. I took the old cable out and am using the cap off the old cable. The problem is, when I route the cable to the lever it feels and looks like it is too long, it just will not stay seated in the housing on the perch. Also when I was taking off the cable, i unscrewed the cap from the carb and noticed there was no spring inside the cap or plunger? Could it have came off inside the carb, and do I need to take the carb off to install this thing.

Parts I have-

1- Hot start cable with ball on end that goes toward cap

2- Cap that was removed from old cable

Those are all the parts that I have to assemble this thing, what am I missing, because I am pretty sure I should have a spring and plunger also.

Thanks in advance!

I'm pretty sure of that, too. Unfortunately, the manual doesn't detail this very well. But the parts fiche does. Review this image:

Items 36 - 41 all belong on the carb end of the cable. If the bike runs reasonably well, the plunger is probably in the carb, but it may be corroded in place.

Thank you very much, that was exactly the answer I was looking for. I spent about 45 minutes last night perusing the service manual to no evail. I am almost positive the plunger is coroded into the carb, because the bike runs like a gem. Thanks for all your help.

Thumper Talk store here I come.:ride:

I am almost positive the plunger is coroded into the carb,...

If it's in there, what you will see looking down into the hot start bore is a slot, like in the head of a screw, where the cable is supposed to be. If it's gone, there will be only the bottom of the hot start bore.

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