426 forks

I was at the track this past weekend and one of the expert riders rode my 01 426f. He said that the suspension was very stiff and recommended that I let the air out of the Forks with the little brass screws on top of the forks. Do the forks have a air charge on them and if so do you all think this is a good idea ? I weigh 165 lb and have the compression and rebound backed out all the way on the forks, the rear shock is at factory settings except the sag is set at 4".

I would like a more plush suspension without having to take it to a shop and spend all my fun money.

Thanks, Jason

Your forks dont have an air charge. Forks will build up air pressure and its a good ideaa to let the pressure out(bleeding) when ever you go riding other wise the forks will get harsh or a spike feeling. YZF 's are motocross bikes and are ment to be ridden hard , the harder the better the forks feel so if you want a plush ride like a trail bike you'll need to send the off and have them dialed in for your riding style (which people should do anyway)


Jaybird, you should let the air out of your forks every ride. The forks work best when the inside of the tubes are at the same atmospheric pressure as outside the tubes. I think you should also go back to the stock settings as they should work pretty good for you. The forks do take about 10 hours to break in. Also with the clickers turned all the way out you my be riding in the lower part of the fork travle which would also make the forks seem harsh.

The air pressure buildup is from heat. As you ride and the suspension does it's job, the internal friction and forced movement of the fluid through the shims(valve stacks)causes heat. If you remember Physics 101, heat causes expansion....expansion causes pressure buildup. All you need do is unscrew those little brass screws and then immediately screw them back in. Careful not to overtighten and strip them. I keep a small paint brush in my toolbox and sweep around those screws before loosening them to prevent grit from falling inside. Cleanliness is next to Godliness when it comes to these things... :)

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I also think the forks are too soft.I sent them out to Pro Pilot for stiffer springs and check to make sure I did not dammage

Thanks for all the input guy's, I did put the clickers back to factory settings because I only have 6 hours on the bike and a reputable source told me ( along with you guy's ) that they should loosen up a bit and I shouldn't run in the lower part of the travel like that. As my learning curve progresses I think I'll be allright.

Thanks, Jason

Softening the clickers can make the forks feel harsher, pressure build up can make the forks spike towards mid-stroke and then add in that they are still breaking in all contribute to the feeling your getting. Installing stiffer fork springs can give you a plusher ride. You may need to adjust the preload once the new springs are installed and play with the oil heighth to get the right balance between bottoming resistance and plushness. The stock valving is close and should work ok for most folks. Hope this helps. Just one more note.. So far, I hear the rear shock has worked pretty well, but I'm sure once I get some time on it, I'll be tweaking that.

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Am I the only one who thinks the forks are to soft?

I have only rode for one hour, so there not break in yet, still I think the are to soft.


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