Poor response in 3rd with new jetting!

I changed from the stock jetting to the LarryCo jetting 155MJ, 160MAJ, EKP #3, 38PJ, 65PAJ, 1.5 turns. The stock gave me poor response in 1st and 2nd but good response in 3rd, the jetting rocks in 1st and 2nd but is very poor in third, long hesitation. Really sucks when trying to cross the creeks. Any suggestions?

drop the needle once, then again. report back. should cure it.


Thanks for the help. I have confused myself, to drop the needle do I go from 3 to 2 or 3 to 4. I know, damn Newbie's. I might be a couple of weeks before I can really test it out, I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

To drop the needle, raise the clip from position 3 to 2... You always read the clip positions from top to bottom.


NEVER say what you do to the clip, always say what you do to the needle. you'll never get confused that way. seriously!


Good Point... Thanks


Thanks for the help Guys, I will keep you informed.

Finally got a chance to try the dropped needle, still some bog, I may try a 150 MJ and will report back, thanks for the help again. FYI- The plug was black after the initial change in jetting, will check tonight after dropping the needle once.

To check the plug colour for the main jet u need to shut it down on a full throttle run.

try dropping the needle again to clip 1!


Will do, Taffy. Thanks

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