Shipping a bike, who to use?

I need help in finding a company that will ship a YZ from Cali to Oklahoma. Do you guys have any recommendations of who to use and how much I might be looking at? Thanks!!

These guys specalize in moving bikes, but you will pay a good amount for the service.


If the bike is crated, I would look at a LTL carrier like FedEx Freight (formally American Freightways) or one of those guys. I've had three bikes shipped - one from Arkansas to Ohio and one from Virginia to Arkansas did not pay over $90.00. The bike has to be crated (totally covered). Don't mention that it's used (if it is) as LTL carriers don't like to ship used equipment.


I've shipped two bikes from Ohio to Colorado for under $200 each. The last one I used is

A manufacturers crate is the best way to go because it needs to be forkliftable (new word?). It's also cheaper to drop it off and pick it up. Also booking on the internet comes with a discount. Size is more important than weight so If you're making a crate, go as small as you can.


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