Tm Designworks Powerlip Rollers

Ok while i am replacing my chain and sprockets i want to replace the top and bottom chain roller as well. I searched and could not really find any threads specifically about this. I am looking at tm designworks powerlips because i have had good results with their other products. Currently my bike has a cheap msr bottom that is worn out, and the top roller isnt much of a roller at all, it us a round piece of rubber that is bolted to the frame. It has a groove but no bearings, is that style stock? So, what do you guys that run the powerlips think in comparison to a moose or msr? Better by far? or maybe not worth the extra $10 a roller? Any input appreciated.

I have the lower one on my 426 because it came in one of their kits. Seems to do it's job. Don't really see where a regular one wouldn't though. I've never seen a chain fall off a flat return roller. It's just a little more insurance to make sure that doesn't happen I guess. If nothing else, it's kinda cool looking. :ride:


Thanks myoung. Anybody else run these?

I have the TM on the bottom and put the stock bottom on the top.

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