Steamy proposition!

We fandangled our way up a little canyon, bounded up a hill through the sage and down a steep hill to get to the top of a trail we wanted to be the first to bust through. The road that brought us to the top of the trail, and the trail itself had long patches of snow we had to bust through. My bike got HOT!!! I looked down, it was nearly dark out, and about 3-4 inches of the header was red hot. It, obviously, boiled over when I shut it off. I haven't had this happen to me. Was that necesarily a bad thing? Did I hurt anything? Am I too lean? Had a good damn time though!!! :D

PS: Decided to put Phil :) as my picture until I figure out my digital camera. :D


Are you saying it was nearly dark out, like getting to night fall? The pipes on this bikes will glow red in the dark, especially after a hard ride, thats not anything to worry about. From the sounds of it your bike will be fine.

the red hot exhaust is completely normal on these high compression engines. start your bike in your garage and turn off the lights. You will find that it starts glowing after just a minute or two of idling. Even my dads BMW does it.

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