Hey G-Man


How do you compare the weight of the 426 to the CR250? I have a YZ400, but am looking at a 01 CR250, YZ250, or the YZ426. There are times when the 400 really feels heavy so I'm thinking about giving a 2-smoke a try. Don't get me wrong I love the 400, but I have this bug to go get a 01 CR250. I spend 99 percent of my riding time at the track. I hope that Yamaha will release a 235 pound YZ426 next year.


I notice the weight mostly in the air (flickability, is this a word? :D ) landing hard or short on jumps and on a sharp corner where you havta bounce off a berm. The 01 CR250's are great bikes and I was ALMOST ready to go back, until i finally clicked with the big girl this week. There are spots on the track that favor a 4-stroke and favor a 2-stroke, it's up to you to decide.

The only problem I have now is starting on a consistent basis. :)

I have a friend who's geting some bikes from Canada this week 6 (01CR250's & 2 01 426's).



Thanks for the input !! I have 36 moto's on my 400, with 8 stall outs. I just feel like I have to give the CR a go. What kind of pricing on the CR an YZ's? I know I can pick a 01 CR in Tucson for 5300 OTD.

wow i am having the same problem i race a 2001yz 250 in mx but want a woods bike that i can put a light kit on and cr250 gets a e line coil or get the wr426 but i am afraid of weight and stalling in woods but the cr s are so hard to jet and i hear the frame beats you up

How do you like the 01 yz250? How does it do on starts? I am concerned about losing that great 400 power on starts. Everything that I have read about the 01 CR is good, well except for MXA. As for the WR and Motocross - it works pretty well, except for the gearing 2nd is too short, 3rd is ok, 4th is too wide. Also, the bike feels top heavy to me so you must carry speed through the corners or you will fight with it. I have my choices narrowed down to a YZ426, YZ250, or the CR250. Right now I'm leaning towards the 01 CR.

For Motocross !!! Which bike wears you out more? YZ250, CR250, or YZ426.

well ive owned a 98 wr400 99yz125 99yz400 00kx250 00cr125 00yz250 and have ridden 00yz426 00 and 01cr250 and my opinion is that the cr is good if you jet it properly and do susp work the yz250 leave alone great stock the wr yz 400 s good but heavy and if you stall forget it in a race so what am i doing selling my 00yz250 and probobly getting a cr 250 the yamaha rep sez next year big change on yz 426 -15pds but all are good if you adapt to them one more thing i always get holeshotted by those damm 4 strokes

I agree with you - I think I'm going with the 01 CR250 for now, then if the 426 is much lighter next year I'll go get one.

thanks for your help

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