01'426 cold weather starting?

Anyone having trouble starting the new blue beast in the cold weather? I have cold fouled 2 plugs. It will fire with the choke on and run for 10 seconds and die. Re-start again for another 10 or so seconds and die. Then it won't start at all, check the plug, and it is done. I am in KC MO, it is around the low to mid 30's now days. Also, I cleaned and re-oiled the filter. I used some Honda filter oil that is really sticky, could this be the problem, not letting enough air in and too much fuel at the same time. Any info appreciated!

An acquaintance with a 2001 YZ426 did the exact same thing when he was firing the bike up early last Sunday morning.....just like you described. Luckily, he came prepared with a spare plug. The engine pnly had about 5 hours running time on it, and when he took out the plug, is was black and wet. With the new plug, it fired right up and ran fine all day. I wonder if the plug gets wet if you have to kick it more than 6 or 7 seven times and it still won't start? After that, the plug gets too wet? It was prety cold that morning, but my Y2K 426 fired up and ran just fine and my plug is fairly old. My bike has never even once did that thing of running a few seconds while cold and then stalling. He and I have different starting rituals...maybe that has something to do with it. I dunno.

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